Can I contact by phone?
Basically please contact us by email or send us question form.
How much is the auction comission fee?
each items will be charged 18%(by credit card) or 13%(by cash)
Can I use credit card?
Yes. We accept VISA / MasterCard / China UnionPay
In case of payment in cash, do you accept any other currency except for Japanese yen?
No, we only accept Japanese currency in cash.
Can anyone join “Wise’s Auction”?
Yes, but all participants need to sign the terms and follows our rules.
How can I ship the items which I purchased?
Basically, customer should ship them by themselves.
Is there any parking space?
There are some parking lots inside the building and near the area.
What should I prepare for auction?
All participant needs security deposit “200,000 JPY” (the purchase price will be deducted from your security deposit.)
Is there entrance fee ?
No, entrance fee is free.